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What is Make Your Own Gin?
An online design service offering a customised bottle of Scottish Gin distilled using the selected ingredients.
What is in gin?
Gin is typically made up of Alcohol (we use organic alcohol), Juniper, Coriander, Orris Root and Angelica.
What is London Dry Gin?
There are different ways to make gin. Your gin will be London Dry distilled on a beautiful copper Alembic mini-still - this process is the highest quality of distilling. It a nutshell it means the botanicals / ingredients are distilled and nothing is added afterwards to the distillate (other than water to cut to the required strength i.e. 42%). This is different than macerated (or bathtub) gin where ingredients are simply mixed with alcohol, or Old Tom where large amounts of sugar is also added.
Is it really distilled in Scotland?

It is distilled at the City of Aberdeen Distillery in Scotland using Royal Deeside Water. We are an open distillery with Gin School and Shop. Visit us and try our exciting range of in-house distilled, limited edition gins.
What size is the bottle of gin?
70cl (or 700ml) - it's a large bottle of gin.
What strength will my gin be?
We beleive that flavour is best carried at the 42% mark. The gin may be slightly above or below this level - each gin is unique. We test the strength of your gin with accurate scientific equipment and the strength is written on your label.
Can I purchase a gift?
Would you like to gift the online gin making experience? Take a look at our experience vouchers.

If you are creating a custom gin as a gift to someone else - you'll have the chance to enter a shipping address at checkout. Be sure to tick the "This is a gift - please hide prices" at the review stage and we'll include the gift invoice without the prices.

An alternative yet highly flexible option is to purchase general gift vouchers - these can be used against an order - accepted on MakeYourOwnGin.co.uk / CityOfAberdeenDistillery.co.uk and may be put towards the gin making experience online, our in-person events, on our range of Aberdeen distilled gins or a variety of other products on our sites.

All Make Your Own Gins are tissue wrapped and gift ready.
Is it easy to design a gin?
Yes it is.

The wizard will take you through the process step-by-step. If you need help choosing botanicals, you can start by browsing (complete / partial) recipes based on the type of flavours you like. You can then add the botanicals in a single click.
Do I have to use coriander?
Not at all.

In fact if you don't like coriander you're not alone - up to 20% of the population aren't keen on it to some degree. Others absolutely love it. We recommend it as it will add an uplifting citrus flavour. You can choose to omit coriander, use Moroccan Coriander, use English Coriander or let distiller decide.
How many botanicals should you choose?
In addition to the base botanical and coriander (if chosen) we would recommend you choose between 4 and 7 botanicals. 10 is the maximum you can choose.
How to I choose which botanicals to use?
It's best to ask yourself first what type of gin you generally like. E.g. do you like sweet gins? floral gins? spicy gins? If you'd like to learn more about a botanical, click the information button which will show it's background, uses and most importantly what flavours you get when distilled. The botanicals are grouped by their distilled flavour profile.
How do I decide the quantity of a botanical?
We take care of the quantities.

The levels of each botanical is something that requires a lot of experience to get right. A balanced gin is one where the levels are set to work with the rest of the ingredients used. For example, Kaffir Lime Leaves are very strong, with the flavour, they also add a bite if too much is used. In fact, you'll need only half a fingernail (maximum). Another example is cardamom pods - floral and sweet but very dominating should only a tiny bit too much be used. Not everyone wants a gin that tastes of a flower shop.
How quickly will I get my gin?
We aim to distil gin on the day of receiving the order or early the next day. Prior to ordering, you'll be able to see our current lead time. Once the gin has been created, it will be ready for dispatch. A next day delivery service is available which is posted next day from when the gin is ready.
Is my gin ready to drink right away?
We would recommend waiting 2 weeks before enjoying your gin (although we officially would would say 3 months). Why? I know it's a big ask - but time is required for the alcohol and water to marry and the flavours to settle. Okay your stare is too intense...please try to wait at least 2 days.
Can anyone make gin online?

You have to be 18 or older. It's actually illegal to attempt to purchase alcohol if you're underage or on behalf of someone who is under the legal age (UK).
What is the Gin School?
Make Your Own Gin online is based on the City of Aberdeen Distillery's Gin School. This is a 3 hour event where you distil your own gin on the mini-stills in person. When you visit Aberdeen (known as the Silver City with the Golden sands) pop in by to sample our exciting range of demi-johns.